Leasing and Equipment Finance for Colleges and Universities


Student Technology

Our finance experts have a long history of building programs that allow you to affordably create an educational experience with leading technology.

Equipping Your Staff

Give your faculty and staff the tools and achieve more and allow your institution to be an employer of choice by equipping them with the latest and greatest.

Lab & Research

Maximize grant dollars while minimizing upfront investment in equipment and technology.

Building a Digital Campus

From new accounting systems to powerful new server upgrades, US Leasing offers institutions the ability to stay on the cutting edge in any budget environment.

Facilities Improvements

New sports surfaces? A student housing HVAC reinvestment? US Leasing offers financial solutions that preserve cash and ensure campus surroundings enhance the experience.

Healthcare Environments

Better patient experiences powered by facilities and assets that appeal to the strongest healthcare professionals: The equipment needs of healthcare are best managed with proactive finance programs to align expenses with revenues.

Why Choose US Leasing & Equipment Finance?

Designed for Higher Ed

More than 20 years of Higher Education finance expertise delivering straightforward solutions to work with limited budgets.

Financial Strength

The capital resources to offer highly competitive payment terms in a wide variety of situations and economic circumstances

Out-of-the-box Solutions

The capability to finance projects and assets that reach beyond the capabilities of traditional lending--offering additional flexibility.

Without the Hassle

A simple and completely customized funding process designed to meet the operational and financial needs of each department.

Higher Education Finance Expertise

Justin Kiluk and the leadership team at US Leasing have financed thousands of transactions through their careers with colleges and universities across the U.S. That experience leads to smarter solutions and expanded finance and lease capabilities that reach far beyond traditional lender offerings.


Years of Experience with Higher Education Finance Needs



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